writ of supervisory control

writ of supervisory control
A writ which is issued only to correct erroneous rulings made by the lower court within its jurisdiction, where there is no appeal, or the remedy by appeal cannot afford adequate relief, and gross injustice is threatened as the result of such rulings. It is in nature of summary appeal to control course of litigation in trial court when necessary to prevent miscarriage of justice, and may be employed to prevent extended and needless litigation. State ex rel. Regis v. District Court of Second Judicial Dist. in and for Silver Bow County, 102 Mont. 74, 55 P.2d 1295.
Function of "writ of supervisory control" is to enable Supreme Court to control course of litigation in inferior courts where such courts are proceeding within their jurisdiction, but by mistake of law, or willful disregard of it, are doing gross injustice, and there is no appeal or remedy by appeal is inadequate. State ex rel. State Bank of Townsend v. District Court of First Judicial Dist. in and for Lewis and Clark County, 94 Mont. 551, 25 P.2d 396

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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